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About us


Here’s a simply profile about Us…We started back in 2010 during world cup era in South Africa. We were a small mass media company but due to the effort we had to everything We did, Our clients requested more and more until We reached this level of serving the whole South Africa the great quality ,guaranteed products & services. The development that We have achieved is entirely dedicated to all our supportive clients from then , existing and still arriving clients, We value your support and We appreciate it. We are where We are because of your belief in RAMPHOLDER… Thank you !

We became registered in 2011, From then we’ve been serving all organizations, Companies and Individuals, We serve a wide variety of products and services with great honour and honesty. We strive to deliver the best possible services to all our clients because we know that the growth of our enterprise rely to our customers on how we treat them and how we make them come for more, However we are not a jerk of all trades but we are dedicated to fulfill the gap between our clients and the services they require almost in everyday life but find it hard to be served accordingly due to lack of knowledge and customer satisfaction from other companies.

We are just outside from Durban, But we call Durban ours because we evolve around it, Our teams are always eager to deliver the great quality services and products all the time with true and super fantastic manner and non stop smile.


Our aim is to deliver all the products and services we offer quickly & cheaply to satisfy all our potential customers but without compromising quality, Our establishment’s main focus was well surveyed before started so we aim at bringing the core needs easily to you without you worrying about hardships you currently have or may have experienced before you knew RAMPHOLDER.


We are on a mission to become South Africa’s most trusted multi- service enterprise. At RAMPHOLDER we strongly believe that client satisfaction comes first ,The more satisfaction to our clients the more clients know about RAMPHOLDER , Our mission is based on the fact that no matter what circumstance the client has to be helped even not by Us but at least we must come with a solution.


We’ve been operating for more than 8 long years,We strive to give you quality that goes beyond your expectations.We are a more convenient company that is there to meet all your requirements through our Internet platform that was made with you in mind, Our website and app are designed to be in handy to all your problems.


We have great teams that are always willing to assist you in anyway and also willing to develop and learn new things we believe there’s always a room for improvement! Our team value’s your request and take it seriously because we know that accuracy is what represents the standard of our business and also defines the reliability of our company.

Quality service for all..

No client of ours is huge or small but what counts is the amount of task that needs to be done,It is more about what you precisely need us to do for you.Our teams are super performers they excel to every projects that we have, So for any of our services you need don’t go any where just let us do what we were established to do, simply call us on 087 150 4613 or e-mail us orders@rampholder.co.za