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Website facts

We believe in quality web designs! We strive to offer and design the best responsive websites, Never pay a fortune just for a simple website rather be with people who knows exactly how to be effective to all your needs . We are proud to deliver the best prices & effective services while making sure about the quality of our work because We don’t let the price judge our work but our work is judged by the quality output!

We may not consider our selves the best but we strive to deliver the best . Our creative designers, software engineers and web developers never compromise in quality, to be precise We only stop creativity when the client is satisfied. We are a customer dedicated company everything we do is in our client(s) best interest.

What is it and why you need it ?

We have faced about 70-80% of our clients wanting to know why they need website(s) , As this website was designed with you in mind We compiled some relevant points about what’s exactly a website. Most of our clients always talk about social platforms and says why website if there are these free social media platforms…
The basic knowledge everyone has to know is that even these social media platforms they are websites them selves! A website is a combination of related webpages that are displayed in the Internet especially to deliver specific information , Websites are different in genres, they range from small personal blogs, e-commerce to application or survey the list is endless. Remember ,To put it simple , Internet is all about websites.


* School websites
* Online application websites
* Online shopping websites
* Company profiling websites
* Bookings websites
* e-commerce online shopping
* Data Back-up Websites
* Content Management Systems
* Complete Entertainment Websites
* Mass media websites

We are living a simplified life where every piece of everything we need is just a click away , We list your website in search engines such as Google , Bing , Yahoo. Your website has unlimited marketing and advertising space and tools no need to worry about extra cost in your website you place your content every where you want , You have freedom of displaying anything ,anywhere at anytime, Your client knows that your business is professional and legitimate.

Professional e-mails are important for businesses,Websites we offer comes with these e-mails e.g.  info@rampholder.co.za


• Affordable price plan
• Web designer
• Profile
• Web host
• Domain
• Disc space

Fortunately we offer all the above services and our plan ranges from as little as R1000.00 at once off pricing.

Your websites works with your social media pages, easily migrates from or to social media or website. Having your own website help you to monitor clients and see how popular is your business ,This is done without any likes or sharing button.

Create a trust to all clients by showing your current or previous work or services within your website. Display the project you have done and even the currently running projects instantly.