How we actually do things at our little friendly space?


As much as we strive to deliver products or services in a promised time, Delays may be expected as there are departments that needs third party services like couriers or electricity which occasionally interrupts us due to load shedding etc. We strive to deliver whatever it takes we please all our clients to make an order atleast 3 days earlier before the required date as this will give us enough time to serve you accordingly.


Some of the products we stock and or hire to our clients are not stored at our premises for storage space concerns, Therefore we store some of them to our private storage location which we have full access 24/7. For example sound system are not held at our premises but as soon as we get a booking request we make sure its available in a specified time and location.


Our office contact number is linked to our team members. This was done to make sure that all our clients get support whenever they require it. It may happen that the very same time you call the admin is busy with another client on the call the system will transfer you to other team member. There are possibilities that a team member might be in a location where there are domestic noise so we ask our clients to be patience with us…

Our App

Our mobile app is a complete clone of our website, what you see in our website is what you are going to see in our app,Therefore you don’t need to worry about login errors you will use the very same credentials on the app and on the website.


Each and every company has it’s pricing policy. As you may think we are much cheaper or much costly all our prices have been evaluated enough to cost the price of any service or product. We allow our clients to book a session with us to discuss the out of quote service which especially may be hard to negotiate over the phone but bear in mind that pricing is listed here for a reason.


90% of our work and services doesn’t need our clients to come to the office, we do most of the work remotely to decrease the expenses and also avoid the possibilities of Covid-19 infections. We support the motto of full service unattended…