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How to shop / quote

How to shop or quote

As you are reading this you probably looking for help or rather you are one of those people who goes by the culture of reading the fine print before you take further action, which is so good by the…
But we are not there, let us not waste time. Most companies when they create online platforms they assume that everyone who browse their website is able to shop or create quote using the website or app but that is not true.

As dedicated as we are, we created this page only for you to understand how to make the use of this hard created yet simple platform…

First thing first

Check the terms and slang used to shop online…


Assuming you are in a supermarket and the grocery you want to buy is impossible to carry it and you decide to grab a trolley and put a basket on the trolley, the online language is little bit strange in simple terms ‘ Cart is the Basket ‘


Now you are moving around a supermarket and busy picking your products and putting it in the basket, the ‘ Add to cart ‘ online means putting your products in the basket, On our website it is similar to browsing our webpages and add product from different departments.


When you are done with your grocery you need to do a final step which is paying for your products, the checkout means you are now ready to pay or submit your order. We know that most people don’t want to expose their banking details online that is why we allow you to send order and pay later…


Though our platform allow all of you to create quote and shop online without ever had to register we do encourage you to register with us because this will help you save time whenever you wanna shop or create quotation again. But why ???, When you are at the final stage the system will ask you to enter your name, surname, postal address etc. that alone take it’s time not to mention that you wont be able to track and trace your orders but when you are registered your details stays on our database for as long as you like. It’s only few minutes and you don’t ever have to stuck creating account again.