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As our goal is to make sure that we are effective as much as we can, Few interruptions and or hiccups may arise along the way on our app and online store but to make sure that we deliver the best quality services our tools may be upgraded from time to time. At RAMPHOLDER we assure all our clients that we are effectively helpful regardless of any circumstances you may face.


Creating or signing up to all our platforms is 100% free and secured, This means that when you signup with us you are not bind to pay any fees or any monthly premium. When you have an account with us you have a chance to track and trace all your orders. Also having an account with us gives you an advantage to be an affiliates of our and being affiliates will give you multiple discounts.


While RAMPHOLDER INC makes every effort to present reliable and accurate information within our platforms, Such information will be confirmed by our representative(s) therefore slight changes may be expected.


Bulk ordering from us gives all our clients a freedom to get more discounts, However discounts are only manually calculated by us, this means that when you finalized your order and we received it then we will apply suitable discounts based on our policies.


Photos or pictures displayed on our apps and websites are believed to be in the public domain, We use free stock photos which are found on the stock photography websites through out the world, Therefore we intend no copyright infringement of any material displayed on our platforms. Some of the picture are for illustration purposes, we make sure that when we receive your order we clarify some specifications such as sizes, colour, features and or location of the product or service.


We do not sell adverts or external web links and advertising spaces in all our platforms whatsoever. At RAMPHOLDER we know how much important our clientele database is, therefore we privatize all our products and services in our secured infrastructure that is monitored all the time to make sure that all services are operating as intended.


Fraud happens almost any minute and that we may not disagree with, So to curb it from affecting us we have a right to limit, cancel or report any order, product or interactions that seems fraudulent to us and to the laws of South Africa. Before an order being finalized it goes through many departments, so before we engage in any transactions with a client all our involved departments needs to have a single agreement for the order. Where a breach of agreement has occurred, the innocent party must take reasonable, positive and legal steps to prevent the occurrence of losses, failing which client’s claim be eliminated.